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Doug Haines – Founder

About EventEase

About EventEase

Doug started EventEase in 2014 when his friend’s father passed away, and he saw a need for a more user-friendly, streamlined way to host and manage the charity golf tournament his friend was trying to piece together.  Due to Doug’s technical background and eagerness to continually improve, automate, and reduce tedious work, EventEase was born.

We quickly realized that not all events or software solutions are created equal.  EventEase becomes a partner and champion for every single event we take on.

“I want EventEase to be a solution that gets molded and customized for your organization’s needs and demands.  But more than that, I want EventEase to become a partner that helps grow and support your organization.”

We love getting platform suggestions and the “Wow” factor we receive when we can turn those suggestions into reality within a brief period.  Let’s build and grow together.


EventEase loves working with non-profit organizations, especially those just starting.  We can help guide them through different ways to raise money, manage and promote events, and become lifelong technology partners for their organization.  We know that these events are personal, and we strive to be able to provide a REAL person you can call, email, or even text if you have issues or questions.

“There is no better feeling than knowing your software and services are being utilized to help non-profits make a positive difference in this world.”