EventEase: The Smart Way to Manage Event / Fundraiser Fees and Payments

It can be challenging to organize an event, tournament, or fundraiser, particularly when it comes to managing payments and fees. Credit card and service fees are on the rise, and event organizers and sellers are scrambling to find alternatives. Some individuals are even avoiding purchasing tickets online, electing instead to pay in cash or by check to avoid additional fees. This is where EventEase’s smart solutions come in; we’re a smart and efficient online event planning application that gives event administrators and sellers three options for handling these fees.

EventEase can help businesses and organizations streamline their event planning process, from registration to payment processing and order management.

About EventEase

EventEase is an online event planning application that provides tournament, event, and fundraiser organizers with an intuitive tool. It enables businesses and organizations to organize, market, and administer successful events, tournaments, and fundraising campaigns.

Processing Transactions and Providing Direct Deposit

EventEase’s ability to process payments and deliver direct deposits to the business checking account is an essential feature. With EventEase, businesses and organizations no longer need to wait for checks to arrive or be concerned about lost or insufficient funds. After the transaction has been settled, funds can be deposited directly into their business checking account within one to three business days. This provides a trustworthy and secure payment processing solution that saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors.

The Three Choices Made Available by EventEase

EventEase provides event organizers and sellers with three options for handling credit card and service fees:

Option #1: The organizers absorb the extra cost

The organization selling the tickets can sustain the additional costs, such as platform fees or credit card charges. This is an excellent option for businesses and organizations that want to provide their consumers with a seamless, fee-free purchasing experience.

Option #2: The extra charges are forwarded to the purchaser

The additional fees will be applied to the buyer’s purchase. Most of the time, due to these additional charges, the purchasers deter to buy altogether. This option is not recommended because it may result in dissatisfied and frustrated customers.

Option #3: Asking the purchaser to “donate the fee”

This feature distinguishes EventEase from its competitors. It provides purchasers with the option to “donate the fee” rather than pay it. When purchasers are checking out after buying, they’ll get a dialogue on their screen asking to donate the extra charges. It’ll be up to them to donate or continue without it. Research indicates that 90% of individuals donate the additional amount if asked for it. This is a fantastic option for organizations that rely on donations to finance their operations.

Our Recommendation: Donate the Fee

While all three options are accessible, the “donate the fee” option is strongly recommended. This option not only benefits non-profit organizations but also provides customers with a convenient purchasing experience. Moreover, it has been proven that people are more likely to donate the fee than to pay it, so this option benefits all parties involved.

This option has a couple of advantages:

  • Primarily, it assists non-profit organizations in raising additional funds to support their operations. These organizations rely on donations to finance their events and programs, so any additional contributions are greatly appreciated.
  • Lastly, selecting the “Donate the Fee” option can contribute to the event’s sense of community. By contributing the additional fee, consumers demonstrate their support for the associated non-profit organization or charity. This can help attendees develop a sense of camaraderie and create a positive ambiance for the event.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it, our services to you. EventEase is a great choice for businesses and organizations seeking to streamline the event planning process, from registration to payment processing. The variety of options provided can aid organizations in raising additional funds, fostering a sense of community, and ultimately increasing the event’s success.


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